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Adriatic Pearl Joins GBSMT Trade

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Zoom calls Ask SMT continued

“Ask SMT”, the remote learning program for cadets to speak directly to SMT personnel remained in session this summer.

On June 9, the cadets at the University of Trinidad and Tobago learned about SMT’s Operations Department in an event monitored by Sarita Mahabir. Several Operations staff members discussed the role that their department plays in our business--namely, to assure that cargo arrives in port in the same condition that it was loaded while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the crew.

Following the presentation, the call was opened up to questions from the cadets. The cadets at Maritime University of Szczecin in Poland had an opportunity to “Ask SMT” on June 25th. Our liaison at the Academy, Joanna Szozda, coordinated the program and allowed our Polish cadets to learn more about real life aboard an SMT vessel.

“Ask SMT Shipping” provides an important learning opportunity for the cadets, but it also helps us to improve our trainings on board by understanding the questions and expectations that the students have. Thank you to all of the SMT staff who participated and the cadets who attended the meetings!

Adriatic Pearl Joins GBSMT Trade

SMT Shipping will assume full commercial management of the MV Adriatic Pearl when the vessel concludes its long-term period employment in mid-August. The vessel will trade in the GBSMT fleet (a joint venture between SMT Shipping and Gearbulk) as a flexible conventional self-trimming single deck bulk carrier ideally suited for the carriage of grains, agricultural products, and free flowing bulk commodities. The vessel is fully geared with 4 jib-type cranes and is intended to be equipped with 4 x 12cbm clamshell grabs -- continuing the GBSMT strategy of operating a fully grabbed fleet of Handysize/Handymax/Supramax tonnage.

The vessel will be ready to perform self-loading and self-discharging operations thanks to our experienced crewmembers and specialized crane drivers. As SMT’s Andrew Zikopoulos explains, the vessel represents SMT’s ongoing strategy to modernize and replenish our working fleet: “MV Adriatic Pearl, at 37,293 dwt, will round out the GBSMT handy-fleet and serve to bridge a gap in tonnage profile between our usual 36,000 dwt & 45,000 dwt vessels.” We wish ongoing health and success to MV Adriatic Pearl and her crew.


The Nautical News recently checked in with our partners at Carisbrooke to see how they are faring as the pandemic goes on.  From a crewing perspective, the last few months have created a ‘logistical nightmare’ in terms of crew management, crew planning and crew changes. In addition to the closed borders in many countries, there have been very few commercial flights operating, and embassies, maritime institutes and medical centers are all closed.

The situation has required those at Carisbrooke to ‘think outside the box’ in managing urgent or necessary crew reliefs and to rearrange crew planning to suit ‘the port, nationality of seafarer, flight availability and visa requirements’.  Covid 19 has also had a large financial impact.  The costs for flights for the crew have been astronomical, so transport and travel days to and from the vessel have greatly inflated the budgets during this period. 

Fortunately, as restrictions start to lift in many countries, Carisbrooke has been able to catch up and execute many of the delayed crew changes, though still at a greater cost.  There are still countries where vessels are operating as well.

This has been a very challenging time for the crewing team and extremely frustrating for the seafarers ashore and onboard, who are waiting to embark or return home to their families after long delays.  Patience has definitely been tested by all.