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Cargo Operations Professionals Use Weekly Video to Stay Connected

Cargo Operations Professionals Use Weekly Video to Stay Connected

Normally, SMT’s team of cargo superintendents and supercargoes operate “in the field”, regularly traveling to ports and vessels. Yet with worldwide travel restrictions, team members must now supervise and communicate remotely.

To better support this new manner of work, the Operations Department established a weekly video conference to share experiences and best practices. “Initially these calls were to check on the welfare of the team and the various challenges they faced during the quarantine periods”, explains Capt. Paul Eagles. “Yet as the meetings developed, we realized this was an excellent platform to share information among our team.

We now nominate a weekly speaker who leads the discussion about their work. It has become a great way for the entire group to better understand the various projects and specializations of each team member”. The experience has been so well-received that the department plans to continue these group meetings after Covid restrictions are lifted. Thanks to David Karasz, Jose Luis Hernandez, Wilson Penzo, Janusz Szlaga, Jacek Wisniewski, Marc Smeets and Vanessa Voorham for attending these meetings and making them so enjoyable and informative.

SMT has developed these instructional videos which detail the precautions our seafarers must take to best protect themselves from Covid-19. The videos are available on our internal communication and file sharing platform known as SCORE.





News from SMT’s partner Carisbrooke

SMT’s partner, Carisbrooke Shipping, has been busy adapting to life in the pandemic. In their recent newsletter, Helen Tveitan de Jong, Carisbrooke’s Managing Director, commented, “A new normality has evolved and with it lots of uncertainty...We can let this uncertainty dominate our thinking or instead focus on the things we know for certain.” She thanked all of the Carisbrooke employees and partners for their support during this time and expressed a hope and confidence that we will all make it through this difficult time.

An article in the newsletter also set out new guidance for Carisbrooke’s ship operators, along with strong suggestions to help maintain a healthy and safe working environment. The following guidelines have been added:

  • Keep a check on the health of all ship staff i.e. body temperature etc. on a daily basis.
  • Before reaching the port, the assigned gangway watchkeeper should be provided with essential protective clothing, including masks, eye covering, and a disposable apron.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter the accommodation area except those who are authorized or representing customs or medical/ quarantine port staff
  • At the gangway entry, keep hand sanitizer and ensure that all persons entering use it. Any person entering the ship should wear a mask. The gangway watchkeeper can monitor the temperature of all people entering the ship and raise an objection if anyone has an elevated body temperature or cough/cold
  • When performing cargo watch in the affected port, keep a distance from the port personal
  • The crew should avoid going into each other cabins
  • The crew lunch or dinner can be divided in different timings so that there is no overcrowding in the mess room and people have enough space to sit in distance from each other
  • All the hand railings inside the accommodation, staircase support railings etc. should be regularly cleaned with disinfectants
  • All the mess room cutleries should be properly washed before and after usage
  • Maintain a concrete disposable plan and separate bins to dispose of face masks, aprons, etc, used in COVID 19 affected ports
  • Avoid touching ship railings, equipment, and instruments unnecessarily
  • When working on a common ship computer, clean the keyboards with disinfectant after use and dispose of the cleaning cloth or tissue paper etc.
  • The sign-in crew should first take a shower and then change into ship work clothing before reporting to the Master