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SMT prepares for the future

SMT Shipping Launches
Re-Organization to Embrace Future Growth

In Autumn 2019, SMT Shipping launched an ambitious re-organization project to meet the challenges of both our expanding fleet and today’s rapidly changing market environment. The commitment and the energy behind this initiative is rooted in SMT’s Fleet Management, under the leadership of Mr. Janusz Sienkiewicz and Mr. Slawomir Pyz.

SMT’s management board is fully behind the project, as CFO Marcel Heijnsbroek explains: “The recent change of leadership in Fleet Management has given SMT an opportunity to reflect how we can all move forward into our next phase of growth. We trust that this work will support Fleet Management – and in turn all of us -- to best serve our internal customers, including the ship-owning companies, the vessels, and our seafarers”.

To accomplish this complex task, SMT has engaged Seestatt Experts, a Swiss-based organizational consultancy firm that specializes in strategy, process management, and enhancement of corporate culture and leadership.

Mr. Sienkiewicz and Project Manager Maciej Krella worked with Seestatt to introduce the project to all SMT departments in a kickoff meeting on March 31, 2020. They began by defining the project goal: to increase the efficiency of Fleet Management by:

  1. introducing sophisticated quality and cost management systems
  2. increasing the use of digitalization, and
  3. empowering staff members to take greater ownership over the quality and financial impact of their work.

The re-organization will impact all aspects of Fleet Management’s responsibilities, including technical management, crewing and travel, purchasing, and systems and regulatory compliance. Each of these work groups are now busy relating these goals to their own procedures and best practices.

It is expected that changes related to these work groups will begin implementation in Autumn 2020. Stay tuned for updates!