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MV Baltic Pearl and MV Adriatic Pearl Officially join SMT’s fleet/Port information

MV Baltic Pearl and MV Adriatic Pearl Officially join SMT’s fleet

MV Baltic Pearl

MV Baltic Pearl

In February 2020, GBSMT took full ownership of the MV Baltic Pearl, further expanding its fleet of modern geared bulk carriers. This vessel will allow GBSMT to increase its trading presence into different markets. As of May 2020, the vessel has already performed three voyages as a member of the “Pearl” fleet and is now en route from the Persian Gulf to the USA with a load of sulphur. With self-trimming holds and excellent cargo intake on shallow draft, mv Baltic Pearl will enable further trade within the draft restricted Caribbean Sea. GBSMT has also taken ownership of the mv Adriatic Pearl as of March 2020. Similar in construction to the mv Baltic Pearl, this vessel will bolster GBSMT’s presence in the geared handy-size market.

MV Adriatic Pearl

MV Adriatic Pearl

The Nautical News spoke with Andrew Zikopolous of SMT’s Commercial Office about the recent expansion of the company’s fleet. Andrew reports: “Like all of us not only shipping, but in the world economy as a whole, GBSMT has been impacted by the bearish market left in the unforeseen wake of Covid-19. But despite the challenges, GBSMT has been able to persevere through careful management and by relying upon the close commercial relationships that we have fostered through our many years of ship ownership and operation. First and foremost, we must say thank you to all of our clients/commercial partners/and brokers that have continued to support us in these tumultuous times.

Secondly, we must thank our personnel – both on-shore and especially the crew members on the vessels who have been particularly hampered by travel restrictions this past few months – for their hard work and efforts. All that being said, however, GBSMT is confident that a turn-around is inevitable and we are looking towards the future with optimism.”

Port Infor­mation



Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
In the Operations Department at SMT Shipping, we are always busy sharpening the axe--preparing and planning for each and every voyage that our vessels make. This has been key to our success. We maintain and continually update information about each port of call, and make certain that accessing this data and sharing it is as easy as possible.

We are now cataloging our vast wealth of operational data pertaining to ports and port activities in our new SCORE Database Library of Port Information. Each time we begin a new voyage we collect and disseminate information about everything including discharging methods, tidal activity, and port restrictions. As we receive new details from local agents and port authorities, we add them to our database . This allows us to determine key commercial factors such as how much cargo can be loaded for an available draft, if there are tugs required to berth at certain piers in a port or if there is a particular manner in which the cargo must be discharged. These all factor into commercial decisions like freight rate and laytime durations as well as operational decisions such as equipment needs like grabs or bobcats for trimming.


The SCORE Database Library of Port Information provides easy access to data and gives us the ability to respond immediately when we receive new voyage orders or commercial inquiries. This database allows us to lessen the time we need to spend “sharpening our axe”.