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Mark Voorham

CEO SMT Shipping

I want to find some fellow who will not ‘talk shop’ but there ain’t none, no how. We eat it, sleep it, and dream it, to say nothing of breathing it 16 hours a day”…Physician N. Roy Grist writing to a friend and fellow doctor from Fort Devans, Massachusetts on September 29, 1918.

I can imagine many of us – myself included – can identify with the stress and worry that Dr. Grist experienced during the Spanish Influenza of 1918. Simply put, life in pandemic lockdown is tough. Each one of us faces unique challenges with children learning at home, extended family members unexpectedly under one roof, economic uncertainty, and of course the threat of the illness itself. I am particularly aware of the sacrifices made by our seafarers – those onboard who have endured longer than expected contracts away from family and friends, and those on shore who have been forced to delay their re-employment.

Yet the SMT community still has much to be grateful for. Throughout the world, companies like ours have had to adapt to port and terminal restrictions, production slowdowns with our clients, and significant travel restrictions. I am so appreciative and proud of the numerous ways that you and your families have met these difficult circumstances with patience, creativity, and dedication. Together, we assure that our company continues to operate and can move forward once CoVid-19 restrictions have eased. There are pockets of good news as well, including the resumption of our transshipment operations in Ghana and our continued work in Europe and the Americas – much of which is detailed in this edition of the Nautical News. We continue to look towards the future, including the re-envisioning of our Fleet Management department to support a culture of efficiency, individual empowerment, and digitalization.

I must echo the thoughts of Alejandro Garcia, who has contributed a personal essay on his life in quarantine to this edition of the Nautical News. Despite its complexities, this situation provides all of us a chance to reflect on what is truly important – health, safety, and the joys of family and friends. My family and I feel so fortunate to be part of this great SMT family, and I celebrate all of you and the contributions you make to our lives.

Stay well and be safe – we will all see each other with happiness on the other side.

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Krystian Kallaur, Cor Stouten, Linley Geeben, Amanda Llandos, Rhett Chee Ping, Paul Taylor, Kita Family, Andrzej Bednarski, Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk, David Karasz, Mark Voorham, Robert Abraham, Dariusz Stefaniak, Johnny Babun, Alejandro Garcia, John Egan, Andrew Zikopoulos, Alexander Ryan, Shaquille Tull, Antonio Munro, Jacob Bonterre, Slawomir Skrzeszewski, Sarita Mahabir-Lee, Vivian Rambarath-Parasram, Sukhjit Singh, Janusz Sienkiewicz, Sylwester Tyraj, Adam Bodal, Steven van den Haak, Rene van den Schaft, Norbert Mietlarek, Marinanna Yeminitzi, Natasa Pilides, Lisa Straughton, Simon Merritt, Hannah Theophanim, Anna Szyszko, Soren Vestergaard, Paul Eagles, Vanessa Voorham, Harry Fox, Denis Didushok, Anna Parzynska, Ellen Cohen, Rien Kok, Carla Tavenier-Kok, Gerard Tavenier.

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