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    WINTER 2019 - 2020
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    Mark Voorham, CEO SMT Shipping.
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    A tribute to Jan Kita
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  • SMT News
    Three new Bulkers to Join SMT Fleet in Q1 2020
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    Santa Claus sponsored by SMT in Gdansk & Nautical News online
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    SMT Shipping adds six more Vectis types to the CSMT fleet & Crew Conference in Manila 2019
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    More conferences around the world
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    SMT Impacted by Venezuelan Sanctions & Mastering the Cape Verga Pearl I
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    Staying healthy and germ-free
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    SMT Renews Cadet Program with University in Trinidad
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    In Their Own Words: The Cadet Experience
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    Increase your knowledge
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    The matches between Karpov and Kasparov
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    35 promotions!
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    Events in the life of smt staff
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  • SPRING 2020
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  • WINTER 2019 - 2020
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Carisbrooke Crew Conference

The 2019 Carisbrooke Crew Conference took place in November in both Constanta, Romania and Gdynia, Poland. Two locations allow for a greater number of crew members from all over to join the event, which also includes representatives from all departments and employees of other companies.

At the Conference, presentations were made on current technical and operational problems such as the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems, reduction of sulphur emissions and maintenance of hatch covers. In addition, safety was addressed by providing an overview of the year’s accidents and how they can be avoided in the future. Overall, approximately 15 different issues were discussed over the 2-day meeting.

The Conference was also an opportunity to celebrate Carisbrooke’s 50 years of business. We congratulate Carisbrooke on this “golden jubilee” and wish them 100 more years of success.

2020 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference


At the invitation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands of Trinidad and Tobago, Vanessa Voorham represented SMT Shipping at the 2020 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference.
During the conference, Vanessa joined Amanda Llandos and Rhett Chee Ping of Jupiter Marine and Sarita Mahabir-Lee of the University of Trinidad and Tobago to attend the Embassy’s cocktail party, hosted by Deputy Head of Mission Cor Stouten and Trade Officer Linley Geeben.

Houston Pearl’s new fitness room


MV Houston Pearl’s fitness room under-
went a recent renovation and now features new equipment and better flooring. The change has made a positive
impact on crew morale, says Captain Sergiusz Lipiejko: “Once we changed the design of the gymnasium…more crew members started exercising there, spending time together and less time alone on their computers”!

Eureka Crew Conference 2019


The Eureka Crew Conference was hosted by SMT Shipping in Sopot, Poland on 10-11 October 2019.
The conference attracted 50 attendees, including Eureka Shipping seafarers and representatives from both SMT Shipping and our Swedish manning partner AdMare Ship Management. Presentations focused on Eureka’s organizational structure, fleet activities and trades, safety concerns, and technical and ICT issues. Conference attendees found the gathering highly informative, and SMT looks forward to the next conference in 2020.