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    WINTER 2019 - 2020
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    Mark Voorham, CEO SMT Shipping.
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    A tribute to Jan Kita
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    Three new Bulkers to Join SMT Fleet in Q1 2020
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    Santa Claus sponsored by SMT in Gdansk & Nautical News online
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    SMT Shipping adds six more Vectis types to the CSMT fleet & Crew Conference in Manila 2019
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    More conferences around the world
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    SMT Impacted by Venezuelan Sanctions & Mastering the Cape Verga Pearl I
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    Staying healthy and germ-free
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    SMT Renews Cadet Program with University in Trinidad
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    In Their Own Words: The Cadet Experience
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    Increase your knowledge
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    The matches between Karpov and Kasparov
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    35 promotions!
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    Events in the life of smt staff
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  • WINTER 2019 - 2020
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SMT Shipping adds six more Vectis types to the CSMT fleet

The Joint Venture between SMT Shipping and Carisbrooke Shipping known as CSMT experienced a major growth spurt in Q3 of 2019 thanks to the addition of six multipurpose Vectis-type vessels. These include four 8,600DWT ships (MVs Vectis Falcon, Vectis Harrier,
Vectis Eagle, and Vectis Osprey) as well as two 10,300DWT ships (MVs Vectis Pride and Vectis Progress). The fleet now consists of a total of 14 vessels that operate in both the regional dry bulk market and the global multipurpose market. SMT’s Alex Garcia, who manages commercial strategy for the fleet, explains that these vessels are instrumental to the growth of CSMT, particularly in the project sector. “The Vectis ships are recognized in the market for their efficiency in fuel consumption and design – which is critically important given today’s requirements regarding very low sulfur fuel oil”. In addition, the Vectis ships offer clients flexibility and customization. As Alex explains, “They are completely open hatch and boxed shaped, with moveable bulkheads that allow us to make up to 4 holds, full tween decks and 2 x 80 ton cranes that are combinable for tandem lifts”. Both SMT Shipping and Carisbrooke are excited by this new commercial milestone and look forward to working together to further enhance CSMT’s reputation in the minibulker sector.

in Manila

On Oct 3, SMT Shipping held its annual crew conference in Manila, Philippines, in cooperation with its longtime Filipino manning agent, Scanmar Marine Services.
SMT’s Crewing Manager Dariusz Stefaniak and Fleet Management Officer Maciej Krella lead the discussion, and 37 ratings and officers attended.

This year’s conference had a very full agenda, including an overview of administrative and logistical matters, discussions regarding seafarer health and wellness, worker union concerns, and travel tips by SMT’s Travel Department.

Safety was a primary area of focus, including lessons learned from past safety incidents and planned safety initiatives for 2020.

At the conclusion of the training, seafarers were asked to complete an evaluation of their employment experience with SMT Shipping. The survey showed an average satisfaction rate of 8.27 out of 10 across a number of employment concerns, and the highest ratings were given to “stability of employment” (8.73), “safety” (8.70) and “professionalism of crew changes” (8.54). Attendees also indicated that they appreciated our commitment to on time payment of wages as well as our solid ship management and our strong team atmosphere onboard. Concerns, including some suggestions regarding food options, were duly noted by SMT managers and will be agenda items for the coming year.

SMT is committed to the continued training and development of all its seafarers, including the approximately 260 Filipino nationals currently working on board SMT’s worldwide fleet. We thank all those who attended our conference and hope to see an even larger audience for our next one planned for Autumn 2020.