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    WINTER 2019 - 2020
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    Mark Voorham, CEO SMT Shipping.
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    A tribute to Jan Kita
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  • SMT News
    Three new Bulkers to Join SMT Fleet in Q1 2020
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  • SMT News 2
    Santa Claus sponsored by SMT in Gdansk & Nautical News online
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    SMT Shipping adds six more Vectis types to the CSMT fleet & Crew Conference in Manila 2019
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    More conferences around the world
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    SMT Impacted by Venezuelan Sanctions & Mastering the Cape Verga Pearl I
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  • Think SAFE
    Staying healthy and germ-free
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    SMT Renews Cadet Program with University in Trinidad
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  • SpotLight 2
    In Their Own Words: The Cadet Experience
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    Increase your knowledge
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    The matches between Karpov and Kasparov
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    35 promotions!
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    Events in the life of smt staff
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  • SPRING 2020
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  • WINTER 2019 - 2020
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Santa Claus sponsored by SMT in Gdansk


For 20 years, Radio Gdansk has arranged for Santa Claus to visit very sick children in the hospital. This year, as a part of SMT Shipping’s ongoing commitment to helpng the communities in which we operate, SMT joined the program as a sponsor to help purchase toys and chocolates for Santa to distribute. On December 6th, Santa Claus met over 250 children in various hospitals from Slupsk through Wejherowo to Gdansk. It was a special way to bring some smiles to the children’s faces and make a joyful impact on their holidays.


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CY Shipping Minister visits SMT Cyprus office

On November 19, 2019, the SMT office in Cyprus had the honor of a visit from the country’s Deputy Minister of Shipping, Natasa Pilides. Eureka Shipping Limited had recently registered three vessels with the Cyprus flag and saw the Eureka Board Meeting as a great opportunity to invite Ms. Pilides.
Her visit included a brief overview meeting followed by lunch with the Eureka board members. We presented her with a gift and extend our thanks again for taking the time to meet the Eureka Board and the SMT Shipping staff.