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    WINTER 2019 - 2020
  • Cover
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  • Editorial
    Mark Voorham, CEO SMT Shipping.
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  • Content
    A tribute to Jan Kita
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  • SMT News
    Three new Bulkers to Join SMT Fleet in Q1 2020
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  • SMT News 2
    Santa Claus sponsored by SMT in Gdansk & Nautical News online
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  • SMT News 3
    SMT Shipping adds six more Vectis types to the CSMT fleet & Crew Conference in Manila 2019
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  • SMT News 4
    More conferences around the world
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  • SMT News 5
    SMT Impacted by Venezuelan Sanctions & Mastering the Cape Verga Pearl I
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  • Think SAFE
    Staying healthy and germ-free
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  • SpotLight
    SMT Renews Cadet Program with University in Trinidad
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  • SpotLight 2
    In Their Own Words: The Cadet Experience
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  • Captain's Corner
    Increase your knowledge
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  • The Galley & Chess
    The matches between Karpov and Kasparov
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    35 promotions!
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    Events in the life of smt staff
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  • SUMMER 2020
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  • SPRING 2020
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  • WINTER 2019 - 2020
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In this winter issue:

Six multipurpose Vectis-type vessels added to CSMT fleet

Stay healthy and germ-free: ten tips

As a global transportation and logistics company, SMT Shipping is impacted by geopolitical forces and international law

News from SMT’s Maritime Education Program.


MV Furuvik putting its ice class to work for Eureka Shipping, SMT’s joint venture with CSL.

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1947 - 2019

Repairman Jan Kita and I met before we were fifty years old, when I was Chief Engineer and Jasiu arrived as a repairman. At first I found him a difficult personality who did not support my strong belief in a family atmosphere onboard. Yet everything changed once Jasiu began to work – his attention to detail, his interest in solving problems, and his excellent cooperation turned our relationship around 180 degrees. I got to see him for what he truly was – an excellent professional and a very warm colleague.

For Jasiu, everything had to be done at the highest level of quality, and he never accepted mediocrity or inaccuracy. He was also a gifted teacher and willingly shared his knowledge with his younger and less experienced apprentices. He demanded their full commitment and effort and did not accept work that was even a millimeter out of place. Despite my role as Chief Engineer and our similar age, I am thankful for all he taught me as well.

We were always pleased when Jasiu appeared on the ship to perform overhauls and repairs. I cannot remember an incident where any device, engine, or turbine presented even the slightest problem after Jasiu and his team completed their work. Most recently, Jasiu specialized in overhauling turbines of the main engine or auxiliary engines, as well as regulating fuel pumps and other complicated tasks requiring accuracy and precision.

On December 28, many old and young friends of Jasiu attended his funeral ceremony to say good-bye.
All of your colleagues at SMT wish you good luck, Jasiu, and please wait for us -- as one day we will all join you.

Andrzej Bednarski