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Technical Superintendent Honoredas Godmother of MV Norden

On the bright autumn morning of 12 September, friends and colleagues of Eureka Shipping, the joint venture between SMT and CSL, and Royal Bodewes Shipyard gathered in the Dutch province of Groningen to witness the baptism and launch of MV Norden.

Norden is the last of three newly constructed pneumatic cement vessels built in cooperation between Royal Bodewes and Shipbuilding and Steel (SaS) Shipyard. “Building a series of new vessels definitely has its benefits’, explains Bodewes project manager Jeroen van der Broek. ‘”Inventiveness and creativity flourish, and we strive for continual improvement.” Ms. Sumita Dutta, SMT’s lead Technical Superintendent for all three vessels, acted as godmother for MV Norden, making the ceremony particularly meaningful for all attendees. “As a supervisor of these three vessels…I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for their extremely good cooperation and all the hard work and effort”, said Ms. Dutta in her speech. For MV Norden herself, Sumita wished her “good luck for her commercial success and (she) prays for her safe voyage throughout her life at sea together with the crews that she will carry.”

Ghana Pilot Training program

On July 14th of this year, a group of pilots from the port of Takoradi, Ghana, traveled to Shanghai to participate in an advanced navigation and pilot training program. This training, the second of its kind, is a co-sponsored program between SMT Shipping and its client partner, MTL/Tian Yuan. Under the expert tutelage of MTL/Tian Yuan’s senior officer Captain Yu, the pilots come away from the program with an improved ability to navigate large Ocean Going Vessels (OGVs) and other marine traffic throughout the Port of Takoradi.

Impression of the Ghana Cadet Training Program

The group of Ghanaian pilots began their training with a welcome from the Shanghai Pilot Association and Fuxing Tugboat Company, along with several members of the news media. This was followed by a formal reception dinner in the Shanghai Ocean Hotel. Trainees were kept busy throughout their trip, touring MV Cosco Pisces as well as the world’s largest unmanned container terminal. During their visit to Shanghai Maritime University, the pilots underwent extensive training on the school’s state of the art simulators. They put their lessons to use during actual maneuvering operations onboard vessels. Their tour ended with a visit to the China Maritime Museum and a cruise to Zhoushan Island, where they attended a symposium run by the China Pilot Association.

SMT is proud to partner with MTL/Tian Yuan to bring this opportunity to the pilots of Takoradi Port. These professionals serve a critical role in the safe management of our transshipment operation in the area, and we are honored to contribute to their professional development.