In this autumn issue:

News from SMT Shipping and the maritime industry

Launch of the MV Norden, the last of three newly constructed pneumatic Eureka cement vessels, built in cooperation between Royal Bodewes and Shipbuilding and Steel (SaS) Shipyard.

Captain de Goede of E-Two, a tug owned in partnership between SMT Shipping and Emar Offshore Services, received orders to assist the burning Front Altair because the tug was the only vessel in the area with firefighting equipment.

An interview with CE Marcin Cieszkowski.

The focus of SMT’s safety system is always accident prevention, but incident management is equally important.

Cadets working on MV Gdynia

Two fine slideshows of MV in Spain, loading wind turbine blades

Agnieszka Kuchta, Dorota Saltarska and Sabina Domin-Tirrell of the SMT Travel Department give useful travel tips

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A memory of Alexander Ivashkin

It is with sincere sadness that I must inform the SMT Shipping community of the death of our dear friend and colleague, deck fitter Alexander “Sasza” Ivashkin.
Sasza Ivashkin was an expert deck fitter and one of SMT’s most valuable workers – always modest, calm, quiet, and extraordinarily hard working. Regardless of time constraints, fatigue, or weather conditions, he could truly accomplish any task onboard our vessels. On one occasion, Alexander and I were together in Puerto Rico on MV White Pearl and MV Caribe Pearl was nearby. Caribe Pearl was suffering from a serious gantry crane failure – one that was too complicated for the vessel’s own repairmen. Sasza simply packed up his tools and, along with fellow fitter Aliev Faig, travelled to Caribe Pearl by motorboat. They returned to our vessel over 24 hours later. When asked, “How did it go?”, Sasza snapped his fingers and said simply, “It’s done – we managed it”.

Alexander was equally brilliant when he transferred to
MV Bontrup Pearl, where he had to learn how to service a belt system. After only two vessel discharges, he was in complete control of the belt system and was training his fellow colleagues. He was in fact so committed to his work that when Bontrup Pearl visited his home city of Kaliningrad, I had to force him to take personal leave to visit his wife and daughter whom he loved very much.

When we received the sad news of Sasza’s poor health, Bontrup Pearl spontaneously organized a fundraiser to support him – a testament to the appreciation we all felt for him. Two weeks before his death I spoke to him by phone, where he expressed his desire to return to sea because “there is work to be done”. Neither of us thought it would be our last conversation. He managed to fix so many things, but sadly his illness was beyond repair. We have lost a great fitter and a wonderful colleague. If anyone can be called a good person, it is Alexander Ivashkin. Sasza was truly a good person. We will always keep him in our memory.

Andrzej Bednarski